Modernist III

The newest of the Modernist series continues to explore the seductive simplicity of geometric abstraction - lines, circles, triangles and squares are rhythmically interwoven. It features thirty-six unique wallpapers designed to entertain a contemporary upbeat living. The colour palettes are drawn from natural and imaginary landscapes - from the chalky greys, sun-kissed terracottas, mysterious blues and comforting blush-pinks to the shimmering yellows, fresh mint greens and exotic oranges. The result is an enticing collection that mixes soft and confident hues in a lyrical chromatic composition, capturing the zeitgeist.



Stripe Collection

A celebration of an icon. The Stripe Collection explores the allure and simplicity of one of the most recognisable and powerful patterns. Whether vertical, horizontal or intertwined, it plays out with an inventive mix of shape and form. This high-impact compilation of eighteen wallpapers follows fashion & interior design trends with a contemporary colour palette.


Fresh, Bold, Inventive & Beautiful



Modernist II

Following the great success of the Modernist I collection, this series features thirty original patterns and continues to explore bold graphics, mixing contemporary and classic interpretations of the decorative geometric style of the early to mid 20th century.  Bright, vivid hues are tempered with dark and elegant neutral shades to bring an instant boutique appeal to any space.


Modernist I

A collection of thirty unique wallpapers - reimagining mid-century modern design, mixing the strength of tradition with technological innovation. The bold use of colour and graphic elements are celebrated with a fresh sense of playfulness and modernity. The Modernist I collection was designed to evoke a visionary and creative interior statement.