Jupiter 10 cares about the environment.

We are active, on several fronts, in our efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our products.

Our wallcoverings are made with fibres from sustainably managed sources, free of glass fibres and PVC.

At the printing stage, the cutting-edge digital printing technologies we have adopted are much more efficient in water and energy usage than conventional screen printing methods; and more importantly, waste is reduced to a minimal. There are no pre-press stages between the digital document file and the final print, so there is no need for, film plates or photo chemicals avoiding the need for toxic solvents and further harmful byproducts upon ecosystems or the environment.

All our packaging and promotional material is either recyclable or reusable and we only use the most environmentally friendly inks available in the marketplace.

With UK & Europe renowned for its strict environmental legislation, our wallcovering suppliers are subjected to stringent and regular checks, aiming to prevent or reduce air, water and land pollution in all stages of their industrial process.

Our wallcovering certifications includes: UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD, Japan Eco Mark - JEA, Émissions Dans L’air Intérieur, German AgBB.

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Wallcovering environmental certifications and eco-labels overview: 

AgBB - AgBB (Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten) health-related evaluation of building products in Germany. Prints meet AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products. 

CE marking - indicates a product’s compliance with European Union (EU) legislation, satisfying applicable legislative requirements and enabling products to be sold throughout the European Economic Area (EEA). Criteria include RoHS, WEEE, REACH, and other environmental directives. 

Émissions dans l’air intérieur - mandatory labeling for decoration products in France. Provides a statement on the level of emission of volatile substances in indoor air posing health risks if inhaled—on a scale from A+ (very low-emission) to C (high-emission).

UL ECOLOGO® - a prominent, voluntary certification issued by UL Environment and recognized worldwide. ECOLOGO® Certification to UL 2801 demonstrates that an ink meets a range of multiattribute, lifecycle based criteria related to human health and environmental considerations. The standard criteria include testing for heavy metals content and solvents, requirements for minimal VOC content levels, as well as product recyclability. HP is the only large format digital printing manufacturer to earn ECOLOGO® Certification for latex printing as of January, 2014. 

UL GREENGUARD GOLD - a prominent, voluntary certification issued by UL Environment and recognized worldwide. GREENGUARD GOLD Certification to UL 2818 demonstrates that products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage, including inks, printed substrates, and indoor applications such as wallcoverings - contribute to healthier indoor environments by minimizing potential exposure to airborne chemicals.